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He was wonderful and honest, gave all the options of different types of work. I was very impressed with his knowledge on the situation.

Angie's List Review,

Well Done!

Within the day I had a time frame for the repair man’s arrival. He showed up during the time frame and new exactly what he was doing. Within 15 min he had identified the problem, replaced the part, tested to see that it was working properly, and did the paperwork. Everything a person could ask for.

N. Paulson,

Don’t ever call a major chain or big box store for appliance repair again! I never will. Priority Appliance Repair gives an accurate time range of when they will arrive. They didn’t have to order the part for my washer; it was in the truck. When you call them, you speak to a person and, even better, if they can’t fix the appliance, there is no charge, not even a trip charge!

Janet W.,

 Easy to make an appointment, tech was knowledgeable and polite, explained issue to me (clogged defrost drain) and showed it to me, explained how he would repair, and quickly repaired during the same visit.  I feel the price was very reasonable.

Angie's List Review,