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Great Lakes Appliance Repair

Refrigerator not feeling so cold? Oven not getting so hot? Dryer not drying? Priority Appliance has dedicated itself for the past twenty-five years to repairing all your crucial household appliances when they quit on you. Priority Appliance is a BBB accredited company with a friendly and well-trained service specialist staff. Call us whenever one of your appliances malfunctions, and we will be sure to send one of our knowledgeable servicemen over straight away.

Timely Appliance Repair in Great Lakes, IL

Our experienced and kind servicemen will answer same-day to your call for help. Whether it’s early morning or late at night, we are able to take your call and respond to it quickly. So don’t figure out how to deal with your broken appliance, call Priority Appliance and we will make sure to put your household back on track.

Washer and Dryer Repair, Great Lakes, IL

You don’t want to bother with a washer that won’t clean your laundry do you? Or how about a dryer that tosses soggy clothes around and around without doing what you expect of it? Priority Appliance can get in, evaluate the situation, fix it, and get out before you even realize we were there. So you can get back to letting your machines do your laundry.

Oven Repair Great Lakes IL

Your reliable oven has decided to stop being so reliable? Our Priority Appliance servicemen are very knowledgeable in several varieties of oven brands. They will get your oven back on track in time for you to start baking tonight’s dessert.

Garbage Disposal Repair Great Lakes, IL

Nobody wants his or her kitchen to smell the way it does when a garbage disposal is broken. Save the trip to the store to buy all those air fresheners, and pick up the phone instead. Once we’re on the other line, we will assure you that fixing a garbage disposal is quick and easy, and we’ll send a service specialist over. They’ll make sure the stench goes away, and the delightful kitchen smell comes out to play.

Dishwasher Repair Great Lakes, IL

Your dishwasher isn’t working, and that dirty pile of dishes is stacking up in the sink. Don’t worry about tackling them with gallons of hot water and your hands, because Priority Appliance will focus on turning your broken dishwasher back into a working dishwasher.
When a major household appliance quits, you realize how much we take them for granted. However, at Priority Appliance it’s our job to make sure you don’t waste time lamenting your broken appliance, and more time focusing on what you enjoy doing. Leave the appliance repair to us, we’re experts!