Next big thing in home appliances

Appliance Trends

A new year brings new trends.With January 1st fast approaching a kitchen remodel may on your mind. In order to keep your kitchen looking classy with all the 2017 amenities we’ve got some ideas to bring in the new year.


French Door Ovens


Picture of French door oven


French door ovens are not only stylish, but also a space saver. Conventional ovens require more space because the door has to fold down in front. There are even some models of French door ovens that have bluetooth capabilities, which allows you to control the oven from your smart phone.


Smaller appliances


Image of smaller appliances


Millennials and retirees are beginning to embrace smaller appliances. Smaller appliances, save time, effort, and inspire creativity. Examples include 18 inch dishwasher, 60 inch refridgerator, and a two burner cooktop. While not without drawbacks, smaller appliances are definitely a growing trend in 2017.


Beverage centers


Beverage centers are great for entertaining. They can take up an entire wall or a small area. Some appliances even offer wine dispensers and coffee makers. They are great for entertaining guest whether they are adults or kids.


An in-home beverage cooler


If you own any of this appliances, it’s worth it to get them repaired. If you are experiencing malfunctions contact our Priority Appliance Repair today at: (888) 993-6842.