The Most Underrated Kitchen Appliance

The Most Underrated Kitchen Appliance

Toaster ovens are an under appreciated kitchen appliance. Microwave ovens get more use and attention. With so much advancement in technology there’s an appliance for nearly every kitchen need. However, some cooking features of the toaster cannot be replaced, which is why the toaster oven is the most underrated kitchen appliance.


The microwave oven, while also a kitchen essential, does not have the same browning and toasting capabilities as a toaster oven. Microwaves heat up water molecules, which allows them to heat up food quickly, but the food usually ends up soggy. Toasters allow food to turn out crispy and brown, which is great for cooking potatoes, heating up frozen food, and heating bread.


Some may make the argument that with a conventional oven, the toaster oven is not necessary. However, toaster ovens are ideal for smaller amounts of food like a small amount of cookies or two pieces of bread. Additionally, due to their smaller size they can cook food faster than a conventional oven. Toaster ovens are the perfect compromise between a microwave and a conventional oven.


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