No Heat To Your Dryer?

No Heat To Your Dryer?

Learn How To Solve Our Most Common Repair

One of the most common repairs we make at Priority Appliance Repair is a dryer that is not heating or heating but not fully drying the clothes. In this post, we will discuss what can cause this, ways to diagnose what is wrong, and help you learn when the repair can be done by yourself and when a professional should be called.


Before you can begin diagnosing the problem, you’ll have to learn whether you have a gas dryer or electric dryer. Examine the back of the dryer and the components that attach into the wall. If the dryer plugs in the same way as the washer, you have a gas dryer. If it plugs into the wall with a large grey plug, you have an electrical dryer.


For electrical dryers, the first thing to do is check for any basic electrical issues. Electrical dryers use 2 fuses or breakers in order to run the machine. It is possible that parts of the dryer are working but the dryer is not generating any heat because only one of the fuses is working properly. A simple way to check for this problem is to locate your fuse box and simply reset the fuse. Also, examine the wire and connection. In some cases the wire may be burned, discolored or frayed. If this happens a new component will need to be ordered. Contact Priority Appliance Repair or a local appliance repairman for more details.


A common problem we see is a dryer that is generating some heat but not drying the clothes all the way. In this case it’s time to look at the dryer itself. This should be done regardless of whether it’s a gas or electric dryer. Many modern dryers have a self-regulating system for overheating called a thermal safety limiter or thermal fuse. To check if this is the problem locate the vent and check for any obstructions. If there is an obstruction clear it right away as this can cause a dryer fire. Another complication could come from the length of the dryer vent. Check the manufacturers recommended length for dryer vents. Most commonly the problem comes from a dryer’s vent being too long.


If you’ve followed the first two steps and haven’t noticed a problem, you may have a problem with the heating coil. Check the manufacturers guide to locate the heating coil which looks like a spring. Check the coil for any breakages or obvious damage. If you notice a break, this part cannot be joined back together. It needs to be replaced. Contact a professional for further assistance.


If you’ve examined the heating coil and do not notice any obvious damage, the dryer’s thermostat may not be working properly. There are several switches that help power the dryer and control the heat and overheating of the machine. Often times a clog in the vent can cause problems with auto settings, such as a “More Dry” or “Less Dry” setting on the dryer. If you have a clog in your vent either from lint or crimps in the vent, you will notice that the dryer does not shut off in these settings. If you are experiencing a problem with auto settings, again the solution is to check the vent for any obstructions and clear them to get your machine working properly again.


If you still are having problems with a no-heat dryer, contact Priority Appliance Repair and schedule service. Our team of professionals is experienced at repairing dryers and all other household appliances. Contact us today for an in-home visitation.