My dryer is not heating and clothes are still wet

Dryer Not Heating? Arlington Heights Appliance Repair

It’s laundry day. The clothes are sorted and the first load is ready to come out of the dryer, or so you think.


Removing damp or wet clothes from the dryer can be a bummer. The first thought is you need a new dryer. You search for the warranty. Or, you’re kicking yourself for not purchasing one.


There is still the chance that the warranty has expired. Don’t panic, for those needing Arlington Heights appliance repair, help is on the way.


Read on for common reasons that a dryer may not be heating.


Ruling out Human Error


When doing common household chores we often go on autopilot. If you find that the dryer is taking too long to dry clothes there are a few human errors to eliminate.


Have you placed too many clothes in the dryer? The heavier the load the longer it will take to dry the clothes. Try removing some of the load and giving it another try.


The issue could also be something as simple as you bypassed the heating settings and started the dryer on wrinkle-release. Check the dial, turn it back to the proper hitting setting and start the dryer again.


Check your load after a few minutes. If the dryer still isn’t heating it may be time to look for an Arlington Heights appliance repair service provider.


The Drum is Turning but the Dryer is not Heating


There could be several mechanical reasons why your drying is not heating. To determine the exact cause you may need to call in a professional.


Here are the most common causes:


  • A Bad Thermostat – Thermostat’s control the temperature of the dryer. Newer models have more than one.
  • Faulty Thermal Fuse – Sometimes failure of the thermal fuse is caused by dirty or clogged vents. The fuse is designed to shut down dryer when it begins to overheat. If the fuse goes bad the dryer will not heat properly.
  • Defective Blower Wheel – The blower wheel is a fan that works with the motor to push outside air inside, to help dry clothing. Signs that the wheel is bad also include a vibrating drum and screeching sounds.


The Motor is Running but the Drum Isn’t Turning

Sometimes the motor will be working but the drum isn’t turning inside the dryer. An Arlington Heights appliance repair assessment of the dryer belt is needed.


Dryer drums turn with the help of a belt or pulley system. The drum mechanics are powered by the dryers motor.


If the belt or pulley breaks or comes off the drum it will no longer turn. An important function of the dryer is airflow. This happens by the continuous motion or turning of the drum.


Locating the Best Arlington Heights Appliance Repair?


Now that we’ve given you common causes of dryers not heating properly, it’s time to look for a repair company.


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