When to Repair and When to Replace Your Refrigerator

When to Repair and When to Replace Your Refrigerator

There are several telltale signs that your refrigerator isn’t working as well as it should be. Some of these issues are minor and can be fixed by an appliance repair specialist. Other repairs can be more major, and thus much more expensive. In this case, your money is better spent on a new refrigerator. Follow this checklist to determine whether you will need repairs or a replacement.


The first question to answer seems obvious. Is your refrigerator keeping things cold? That’s the first sign that repairs are in order. If your fridge isn’t as cold as it should be, check if the lights are working. First, check the outlet. Aside from making sure it’s plugged in, you may want to test other outlets nearby and see if it’s a problem with the refrigerator, or the circuit breaker.


If the lights are on, but it isn’t cool or cold, check the settings. It’s possible the refrigerator is in defrost mode. Refrigerators defrost daily. If your refrigerator seems like it’s been in defrost mode for a while, it could be stuck in the defrost cycle, or there may be an issue with the mechanical timer. It could also be a problem with the temperature control. In either of these scenarios, a call to your refrigerator repair contractor will do the trick. This repair typically costs around $200 – $300.


One of the most common problems with refrigerators is when the refrigerator is running, and the lights are on, but it isn’t cold. The unit should have two fans, and you should check those first. There is a fan in the refrigerator and the freezer portions. Place your hand over the fan, and you should be able to tell whether or not it is running. If you still aren’t sure, check the back of the refrigerator to see if the compressor is working. If it’s a compressor issue, the back of the refrigerator will be very hot. Replacing the compressor can be very expensive, but depending on the problem, it still may be cheaper than getting a new fridge. More often than not, the issue has to do with the relay which starts with the compressor, which is a less expensive repair.


If it’s a bad compressor, it may be running but not enough to cool the whole refrigerator. It could also be leaking coolant. This can be very expensive to repair, and you should ask your appliance repair specialist whether or not it would be cheaper to repair the refrigerator or get a new one.


If you aren’t sure whether to repair or replace your refrigerator, call Priority Appliance Repair. We offer over the phone consultations or estimates, and can let you know whether your current refrigerator is worth repairing, or if you should replace it altogether. Priority Appliance Repair offers expert refrigerator repair, and offers free estimates for all small and large appliance repair.